Dyssidia have crafted a unique sound amongst their peers. Infusing bone-crushing riffs with rich harmonies, soaring vocal melodies with brutal growls, and breathtaking soundscapes with intricate rhythms. They are synonymous with blending styles, displaying emotions and showing off some incredible technical prowess.

This duality of sonics and their mesmerising stage show has led to them to share the stage with the kings of the global progressive scene, including Opeth (Sweden), Tesseract (UK), Trivium (USA), Between The Buried And Me (USA), Katatonia (Sweden), The Ocean (Germany), Fallujah (USA), Klone (France), Beyond Creation (Canada), Intervals (Canada), Ne Obliviscaris, Psycroptic, Be’lakor, Caligula’s Horse, Plini, and Voyager.

With their previous EP's, 2013’s Quiet Waters and 2015’s Children Of Aether And Earth, Dyssidia’s musical journey has evolved significantly and brought them to their latest release; 2016’s Of Delight & Despair.

Dyssidia’s vocalist Mitch Brackman speaks 'Of Delight & Despair': "When we wrote our third EP, we had grown stronger as a band. This is hopefully evident in the pieces we have created, building them over time, and refining them. With a gentle touch, but a powerful grip, each song has a deep sense of space yet is filled with colourful layers, establishing a juxtaposition - referring to the title of the EP. Hard work and introspection is shown in the musicianship of the four tracks. Love, care and anger influenced a refreshing point of difference, allowing us to serve the sound as best we could."

Following their 2016 Australian tour with Brisbane progressive powerhouse Caligula’s Horse, Dyssidia will be touring nationally with Sydney instrumental guitar prodigy James Norbert Ivanyi in August 2017. With the release of their third video for “Dead Smoke”, the recording of their debut album in November and more tours to follow, Dyssidia have no plans on slowing down anytime soon.